Anywhere, Any Time, Reliable Internet Connectivity!

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100% coverage

Uncapped, uncontended Business Fiber

Licences, uncapped, dedicated business wireless connectivity

High speed internet, no matter where you live

Fast & reliable internet

Full coverage across South Africa

Professional Installation & Setup

High Speed Broadband for SME and Consumers

Dedicated bandwidth solutions for enterprises on fiber

Licensed spectrum wireless

Our business is connecting you!

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About Maxwell & Paratus Telecoms

Maxwell Technology was launched in 2007 as an independent provider of last-mile, satellite-based, connectivity and access solutions for their mining and engineering clients in Africa.

Maxwell quickly evolved to a full-spectrum, end-to-end connectivity solutions provider to clients from predominantly un-served and under-served areas. It currently offers a spectrum of VSAT solutions; from Enterprise VSAT to a range of consumer broadband solutions.

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