Business Fiber & Wireless Solutions

Are you looking for connectivity for your business expansion into Africa?

Licensed Wireless, Fiber or VSAT connectivity Solutions

Paratus Communication Service is a dedicated high capacity wireless solution,  that delivers uncontended Direct Internet Access services, utilising a combination  of the Fiber Optic Infrastructure in conjunction with a robust 28Ghz Licensed Wireless solution for last mile access.  Paratus Communication Service is the ideal solution for your primary or redundant connectivity requirements, the solution for the business that requires fiber like connectivity and throughput, but is situated in an under serviced Fiber area. Paratus Communication Service offers dedicated, uncontended connectivity with various speed profiles. Paratus Communication Service is supported by the highest standard technology network Subject to Coverage and Line of Sight, the Paratus Communication Service can be deployed between 7 and 15 Business days.

Maxwell Lego connectivity

We have partnered with all the major fiber providers in South Africa to ensure that you can be connected to a Fiber network


We have VSAT coverage over the whole of South Africa as well as providing VSAT services into 22 African Countries

Satellite Broadband is the ideal service for anyone who cannot rely upon a terrestrial connection  being available. It is independent of distance, quick to install and competitively priced.

  • 100% coverage of Southern & East Africa
  • Reliable service, available immediately
  • professional and simple installation
  • business and consumer focused price plans available

Maxwell VSAT


For businesses that cannot operate without connectivity:

  • Reliable, always-on, Internet connectivity for users in under- and un-serviced areas of South Africa.
  • Automatic roll-over in case of the primary connectivity failing.

For guesthouses and lodges (in rural areas) that require Internet access for personnel and to offer to their guests:

  • Customisable to accommodate multiple rooms or multiple guests.
  • Guests are offered wireless – either free or at a charge determined by management.
  • Various voucher options.
  • Scalable to accommodate from 1 to 120+ users.

For corporate clients who need to communicate regularly with project staff at sites in rural areas throughout Africa south of the Sahara:

  • Video conferencing for project meetings.
  • Voice over Internet telephone calls.
  • Recreational options for onsite project staff.
  • Bandwidth can be shared between selected sites, allowing individual sites to use any available bandwidth in their pool when required.

Remote Site Communication Satellite Communication Unit

For corporate clients who require a complete IT solution for mines or engineering projects operating in remote areas throughout Africa south of the Sahara:

  • A preconfigured and contained communi-cations unit that can be rapidly deployed.
  • The unit can be configured as per the client’s requirements – from a datacentre to an office-in-a-box configuration housing the work stations of admin personnel or engineers.
  • Video conferencing for project meetings.
  • Voice over Internet telephone calls.
  • Bandwidth can be shared between selected sites, allowing individual sites to burst and use any available bandwidth in their pool when required.
  • Recreational options for onsite project staff after hours.

For clients that arrange or host events and require temporary Internet access and wifi hot spots for use by their guests, we offer easy-to-deploy fast Internet solutions

  • Quick deployment
  • Flexible data plans
  • Very scalable

Typical clients use our services for outdoor broadcasts, conferences and seminars, team building events, etc.



To support video surveillance by linking the inputs of IP video cameras and other security devices and alarms, from anywhere in SA, to selected remote monitoring sites or the smart devices of users

  • A very reliable connectivity option for linking monitored sites to monitoring infrastructure.
  • No terrestrial network infrastructure that can be damaged or stolen.
  • Easily deployable when adding more sites.
  • No hardware changes required when the allocated bandwidth has to increase.
  • Multiple sites can share a pool of bandwidth, allowing bursting by a site that requires more.


Security/Surveillance Solutions

(Surveillance Solutions (IP CCTV)


One of the best ways in which to avoid risks at a business level is through the use of video surveillance. Technologies such as video surveillance and interactive video surveillance provide the power to view, respond, intervene and mitigate risks, if and when they should arise. Surveillance offers particular benefit in a mining environment where many operational and process aspects can be monitored as part of mining management.

A growing trend in Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is the use of “Internet Protocol” cameras (IP cameras). It has become a regular event for a Central Operations Centre to monitor a mine’s CCTV footage for key installations on either 24/7 basis or during stand down time at remote sites. Together with motion detection algorithms, a single operator can monitor in the range of one hundred cameras across multiple sites; a significantly lower cost solution compared to local provision of such monitoring, and often quite successfully utilising an existing security resource at corporate head office.

By routing the video data to a corporate network a mine can provide management at all levels with the knowledge that data is being made available to those with the expertise to process it. This provides a degree of transparency that hitherto was impossible on remote site operations. Similarly, the widespread knowledge that such monitoring is in place across a site acts as a significant deterrent to those considering misappropriation of equipment or products.