It’s true that Africa still has gaps in its connectivity. The availability of copper and fibre lines is not homogeneous across all regions, but this is where VSAT connectivity comes in.

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) offers a range of unique benefits that can serve customers in even the most remote locations.

The demand for VSAT satellite services is growing, especially since the relatively recent introduction of HTS (High-throughput Satellite) technology that allows for up to 20 times the throughput rate of a traditional Fixed-satellite Service (FSS) for an equal amount of allocated orbital spectrum.

This improved capability means that VSAT services – once thought to be destined for obsolescence – are now playing a vital role in Africa’s connectivity landscape. They meet the high-speed broadband requirements of today’s businesses and consumers at affordable rates.

Defining benefits of VSAT


VSAT can deliver high-speed broadband unhindered even in areas where the most basic mobile networks are lacking. In many regions of Africa, especially across its vast deserts and dense jungles, the installation of terrestrial lines is impractical and is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.


VSAT users can stay connected while moving from place to place.  This makes it ideal for a wide range of professional users including NGO staff, travelling doctors, diplomats and environmentalists.

Quick deployment

Provided that the satellite is already in orbit, deploying a VSAT service to your customers is so easy. It can be done in a few short hours and requires minimal competency from the user.


Upscaling a VSAT service is seamless, inexpensive and hassle-free.


VSAT technology is unaffected by weather or regional conditions such as an unstable power grid. As a result, users can rely on uninterrupted connectivity.

VSAT from IS

Our VSAT terminations number in the thousands with teleports in South Africa, Nigeria and Mozambique. Our locally hosted teleport services eliminate the risk of contravening regulatory and compliance requirements. Our teleport RF systems are designed for easy scalability to upgrade services as required, affording you the ability to offer a tailored solution to your customers at competitive rates.

You can choose between a fully managed wholesale VSAT service, setting up your own VSAT hub, or becoming a virtual network operator (VNO) on our existing platform. You can even access satellites that don’t have an antenna by installing your own antenna and radio frequency systems while taking advantage of our teleport infrastructure. With this option, you still receive our 24/7 monitoring and support.

So perhaps it’s time to begin expanding your network by mapping the telecommunications landscape in Africa.

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